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Originally from Beaumont, and spending my Summers on Bolivar Peninsula, I moved to the peninsula in 2010 not realizing that we were essentially cut off from the world with our internet connections. 3rd Coast internet was formed out of the need for fast, reliable internet for the residents of Bolivar Peninsula.

As our customer base grew and customers got to know our service, many weekend residents of the Peninsula asked if we could provide the same service for them back in their home town, where large internet providers had bypassed their towns in favor of servicing only larger markets. As a result, 3rd Coast Internet has begun offering service in Hamshire, Texas, and we are looking forward to additional expansion as well.

We are proud to be able to offer high-speed, reliable internet access to areas overlooked by the larger providers. We are proud of our service and technology that allows us to reach so many customers in our service area. But mostly, we our proud of our relationship with our customers, and honored that they would value our service enough to request it back in their home towns.

3rd Coast internet is a small, friendly, family-owned business with a commitment to delivering the best possible value to our customers. If you live in our service areas and are ready for a change, please give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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