Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wireless Internet?

Wireless broadband provides high speed Internet access without cable, or phone-line connections. Data is securely transmitted wirelessly for data, video and voice.

How do I get connected to the Internet?

3rd Coast installs a small antenna and radio unit on the roof or side of your home or building. The antenna is then aimed towards one of the Internet broadcasting towers. This establishes your wireless link to the Internet. Your computer or wireless network is then connected via a cat5e (Ethernet) cable to the radio unit.

How long does it take for installation?

Basic installs take around two hours to complete. Not all installs are equal and some may require more or less time to complete.

Do rain, snow fog or other weather affect service levels?

No. wireless services are not directly affected by the weather.

If my bandwidth needs grow, can I increase my bandwidth speed?

Yes! You can always increase your service levels based on your growing needs. The bandwidth adjustments can be done remotely and do not require a site visit. Just give us a call!!

Why is wireless service better than cable or DSL?

DSL service's speed and performance are based on how many users are using in your area. DSL service quality depends on your distance from the nearest central office. If you are further than 18,000 feet you do not even qualify. Fixed wireless Internet is not affected by any of these downfalls.

Why Not Satellite?

Fixed Wireless systems are ground based and the data packets travel very short distances compared to satellite broadband systems. With a satellite system, the packets have to travel 22,223 miles from end user to satellite, back to earth to the Internet backbone and then all the way back, for a total of around 100,000 miles. Even at the speed of light, the round trip takes over 500ms – half a second. This latency or ping makes satellite unsuitable for videoconferencing, telecommuting, VOIP and gaming. Wireless systems typically have latency of 5 to 25ms to get to Internet backbone, comparable to modern fiber, and cable and dsl. Wireless systems also have the advantage of rapid scalability.

What does unlimited data mean?

With wireless internet, it means just that. No more worry about streaming music and movies. No more worry about the kids and online gaming all night long. We will never have an overage fee for data, or slow you down as punishment for going over you data limit as satellite and cellular providers do. Do as much as you want, as often as you want.

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