During the Coronavirus outbreak, Southern Broadband is providing FREE Drive-Up WiFi to communities we serve. Learn more here.

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Fast, reliable internet access.




Residential Internet

Flexible internet plans from single users to large households.




Business Internet

Fast, reliable internet for your business and your customers.




WiFi Hotspots

Attract new and repeat customers with fast internet access.

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Speed Test Your Internet Connection

Not happy with your current internet connection? Let Southern Broadband supply you reliable internet you can count on for your Home and Business.

Total Access

Total Access

We provide dedicated, reliable internet connectivity to residents and businesses in our service area at affordable rates. No more DSL, dial-ups or mobile connections - with Southern Broadband you get full-on, high-speed internet.



Southern Broadband is the BEST dedicated fiber connection in our service areas. We provide the kind of service and speed that the larger providers offer in larger market areas. For our customers, this means no more compromises.

No Limits

No Limits

Tired of slow or erratic DSL connections? Are you still on dial-up or using your mobile phone as your connection gateway? Our dedicated service offers no limits or reduced speeds.* And we put it in writing.

We're rolling out fiber optic!

Cord Cutters Welcome!

Ready to cut the cord to your cable or landline phone company? Southern Brodband's high-speed internet is the perfect fit! Join over 30 million other Americans who are leaving their bloated and complicated cable and phone bills for the simplicity of one service at one low price.

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