Dickinson, Texas

Residential Service Plans

Find the best plans in Dickinson, Texas.

Southern Broadband offers several residential high-speed internet service plans in Dickinson, Texas designed to match your budget. Custom plans available upon request.


  • 1.5 Mb/s Download Speeds
  • 0.5 Mb/s Upload Speeds
  • Perfect for: E-mails, light video, web surfing
$ 44.95 /month

Basic Plus

  • Up to 6.0 Mb/s Download Speeds*
  • Up to 2.0 Mb/s Upload Speeds
  • Perfect for: Basic Package + Netflix, Hulu streaming, multiple computers, online gaming
$ 64.95 /month


  • Up to 12.0 Mb/s Download Speeds*
  • Up to 3.0 Mb/s Upload Speeds
  • Perfect for: Faster Package + multiple Netflix or Hulu movies at once, online gaming
$ 84.95 /month


  • Up to 18.0 Mb/s Download Speeds*
  • Up to 4.0 Mb/s Upload Speeds
  • Perfect for: Basic Plus Package + watch 2 Netflix or Hulu movies at once, online gaming
$ 104.95 /month


  • Up to 36.0 Mb/s Download Speeds*
  • Up to 12.0 Mb/s Upload Speeds
  • Perfect for: Blazing Package + priority connection and extreme internet usage for many users, online gaming, small office/home office
$ 114.95 /month

Three Great Reasons to Choose Southern Broadband

Speed You Can Use

Speed You Can Use

Southern Broadband offers a range of packages in [ServiceArea], designed to meet your needs and budget. From single users to large households, you'll find a plan that is sized right for you.

Always On

Always On

Southern Broadband is always on, keeping your home connected to the world. Our reliable, high-speed internet service is always there, for entertainment, home security, home automation, or whatever you choose.

Total Access

Total Access

Access Southern Broadband's high-speed internet service from any device in your home. Computers, tablets, mobile phones, Amazon Alexa, game consoles, security or nanny cams, and much more.

Home Automation

Home Automation

Smart homes seem to be getting smarter every day. With high-speed internet from Southern Broadband you can let your inner techie run wild! Connect your lights, sprinkler systems, heating and A/C, door locks, security cameras - even your home entertainment systems to your smart home system.

Enjoy your favorite movies and shows streamed over the internet. Stream your favorite shows on your schedule. Watch on your phone, tablet, computer or WiFi-enabled TV.

Home Security

Home Security

High-speed internet from Southern Broadband is always on, always reliable. From your centrally located router, you can connect your 3rd-party security system, security cameras, door locks and even your lighting to provide you with complete control over your home's security. Keep track of things from across town or around the world!

Wifi Hotspot

Provide your own router or we can provide one during installation. Use a Wifi-enabled router to create your own home hotspot where everyone can connect.

Enjoy online gaming at blazing fast speeds. Fortnite, Dota, PlanetSide, Path of Exile - they are all at your fingertips and ready to go when you are. Southern Broadband's high-speed internet access makes it easy to play anywhere you happen to be.

Stay in Touch

Use Southern Broadband high-speed internet to help you keep in touch with friends and family. E-mail, social media, video conferencing, FaceTime, Skype and much more.

Cord Cutters Welcome!

Ready to cut the cord to your cable or landline phone company? Southern Brodband's high-speed internet is the perfect fit! Join over 30 million other Americans who are leaving their bloated and complicated cable and phone bills for the simplicity of one service at one low price.

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